Growing the Game

Introducing Team Notifications!

MYHockey Rankings is rolling out another new feature to enhance the youth hockey community’s experience on our platform!

On top of the previous off-season announcements you may have seen over the summer, such as the removal of rankings at the squirt (10U) age level, the addition of USA 10U girls team ratings and the recent membership portal enhancements, our team has been working hard behind the scenes to deliver one last surprise in time for the start of the youth hockey season.

MHR is excited to release a new Team Notifications feature. Different from a paying membership, the Team Notifications feature is a free service that will allow users to subscribe to a team, or multiple teams, and receive team notifications via an email. It is the best way for users to stay up to date on changes and to verify the accuracy of their team’s information, scheduled games and game results. 

Subscribed users to a team will receive email notifications for the following set of changes:

  • Updates to team information (team contacts, website, social media)
  • Newly added scheduled games and game results
  • Updates to existing scheduled games and game results


How to Subscribe to “Team Notifications”?

1. Login to your membership account, volunteer account or free guest account. 

  • Users with an existing account can login here
  • New users without an existing account can sign up for a free guest account here.

2. Go to your favorite team's information page

3. Click the “Subscribe” button in the bottom right corner of the team info box. 


How to Manage “Team Notifications”?

1. Login to account OR go to the “Manage Account” homepage if already logged in

2. Click “Manage Team Notifications” link in the manage account toolbar

3. Click the "Add Notifications for a Team" button to subscribe to addition teams. Click the "Unsubscribe" button to remove a team from existing team notifications.


Please reach out to with any questions or issues related to the Team Notifications. We hope you all enjoy our newest feature! 

Don’t forget to subscribe to your favorite team(s)!

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