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Introducing MHR's Match-Up Analysis Tool

MYHockey Rankings is introducing another new educational analysis tool for the 2023-24 season to enhance the youth hockey community’s experience!

The MHR team is excited to release our Match-Up Preview feature just in time for the start of the youth hockey season. Users now should notice a red “Preview” button in the Result column of their team’s scheduled games table. Click the “Preview” button to view each individual game’s Match-Up Preview, which includes additional match-up information and in-depth analysis. 

The Match-Up Preview feature is available for all scheduled games entered into MHR. In addition to general game-preview information, users also will find educational information related to each team, association and league/division as well as in-depth analysis and comparison of the teams and that matchup. 

This new feature includes both a preseason mode that is available before this season’s team ratings are live and an in-season mode with detailed match-up analysis, team comparisons, league comparisons, head-to-head comparisons and many more features.

Preseason Mode

Preseason mode is the default view to begin the season. A matchup will remain in preseason mode until both teams have a current season rating and appear in a live ranking category. 

Since teams do not yet have a current season team rating to analyze and compare, preseason mode takes a more educational approach by highlighting an abundance of information and stats related to each team, association, and league/division. 

The information in preseason mode is organized and displayed in a way that helps users better understand the teams involved in the matchup, providing a high-level overview of the matchup and teams. 

However, the information is not a direct representation of either team’s playing ability. We all know past performance is not indicative of future performance for a wide variety of reasons.

Now before we go any further, repeat after us:

Past performance is not indicative of future performance. 

Past performance is not indicative of future performance. 

Past performance is not indicative of future performance. 

We fully recognize and understand that is the case. We hope you recognize and understand that is the case. Please take the preseason information with a grain of salt. It’s meant to be educational and informative.

There is a division filter for teams that play in multiple leagues to allow users to view and compare information specific to each league/division. See the yellow highlighted area in the image below for reference.

The information displayed in the division table reflects 2022-23 season team and division information. The data is meant to educate users on the strength of the teams in the division from the previous season and to help users better understand a matchup by answering high-level questions such as:

Which team in the division had the highest rating last season? Was it my opponent?

Which team won the regular season last season? Which team won the league/division playoffs last season?

How does a team compare if it is one of the better teams in the division? If it is just an average team? If it is one of the weaker teams?

Is there a large or small division-rating gap (difference between the highest- and lowest-rated teams)?

How competitive was the league/division last season?

Once again, the information is meant to be educational and informative. It is not meant to be predictive of either team’s actual playing ability.

Click here to see an example of the full Match-Up Preview feature in preseason mode!

In-Season Mode

Coming soon! 

Once the first rankings are released on Wednesday, Sept. 27, the Match-up Preview feature for games containing two teams listed in a live ranking category will switch over to in-season mode. 

In-season mode will use current season team ratings to provide in-depth analysis and a comparison of the teams and the individual matchup. In-season mode will include the following analysis and comparison features:

  1. Team Stats
  2. League/Division Stats
  3. Head-to-head Results 
  4. Results vs. Common Opponents
  5. Weekly Performance
  6. Last 10 Game Information

Keep an eye out next month for more information regarding the Match-Up Preview’s in-season mode features. We will provide the hockey community with additional information at that time so stay tuned!

In the meantime, please reach out to with any questions, comments, feedback or issues related to the Match-Up Preview tool. 

Don’t forget to enter your team’s schedule into MHR so that you can take full advantage of this exciting new feature! We hope that everyone enjoys using it.

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