Volunteer Hall of Fame

Volunteers have been the backbone of MYHockey since the 2005-06 season when we expanded to three age levels and it was no longer possible for one person to do it all. On this page we recognize those who have spent hundreds of hours making MYHockey Rankings better. Thanks to all of our volunteers, but a special thanks to those below for going above and beyond!

Platinum (50k games entered)

  • Hockey Nerd

Gold (20k games entered)

  • Steve V (MA)
  • Kevin M (PA)
  • Chris S (CO)
  • Andrew P (CA)
  • Kyle S (PA)

Silver (10k games entered)

  • Grant T (ON)
  • James W (MI)
  • Tim B (PA)
  • Ron C (PA)
  • George G (ON)
  • Omer S (ON)
  • Kevin S (OH)
  • Aidan C (MA)
  • Paul R (NY)

Bronze (5k games entered)

  • Steve H (MA)
  • Gary P (NY)
  • Andrew L (BC)
  • James D (MN)
  • Marc S (ON)
  • James M (ON)
  • Bobby F (ON)
  • Harry L (MD)
  • Michael S (ON)
  • Steve M (NY)
  • Linda G (CA)
  • Adam N (BC)
  • Mike T (ON)
  • Mike W (ON)
  • Marco B (ON)
  • Mark H (ON)
  • Steve K (NJ)
  • Bill S (PA)
  • Jeff D (ON)
  • Charles C (MA)
  • Michael G (ON)
  • Jill R (ON)