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MYHockey Rankings offers multiple different account types: free guest account, team membership and association membership. Find a full description of the account types and detailed list of features below.

Free Guest Account - In an effort to better facilitate follow-up communication due to the sheer volume of requests our team receives on a daily basis, MHR now requires contributors to create a free guest account. A free guest account is the easiest way for the general hockey community to contribute and stay up to date on their favorite team(s). It allows a user to report missing game results, subscribe to team notifications, submit game score correction requests, sign up as a division volunteer and more! See the full list of features below. Click here to sign up for a free guest account!

Team Membership - A team membership is the most popular way for coaches and team managers to keep their team’s info up to date and accurate all season. A team membership provides users with access to numerous premium features such as immediate game score entry, ability to add team schedules, add trophies, Schedule Analysis tool and Find Competitive Opponents tool. Members can attach up to three team profiles to their membership account. Check out the full list of membership features below. Click here to purchase a team membership!

Association Membership - An association membership is the most cost-effective and efficient option for clubs and hockey directors to keep all of their teams up to date. The club receives one “master account”, which has access to all teams in the club. In addition, each team in the club receives access to an individual team membership. The club’s “master account” can assign/revoke an individual’s team membership account privileges at any point during the season. Limit of one (1) membership account per team at any given time. Click here to purchase an association membership!

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Report Missing Game Results
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Add Team Rosters & Player Stats
Add Team Trophies
Add Team Social Media Accounts
Team Schedule Analysis Tool
Find Competitive Opponents Tool
Scheduled Game Match-up Preview