Parma Flyers A3 US

Parma, OH

Rating 69.9 Association Parma Hockey Association
Listings Location Parma, OH
Record 1-3-0 Head Coach Add team Contact
Goals (GF-GA) 9-26 Team Manager Add team Contact
Division(s) Social Media
Website Add team Website
Date Opponent W/L/T Score GD Opp Rating Points +/-
2018-02-17 Rochester Grizzlies 08 AA L 1 - 7 -6 74.0 68.0 -1.9
2018-02-18 Binghamton Jr Devils B L 1 - 9 -7 77.4 70.4 0.4
2018-02-18 Parma Flyers 09 W 7 - 2 - - - -
2018-02-19 Lehigh Valley Phantoms B L 0 - 8 -7 78.3 71.3 1.3
Totals (for rankable games) 0-3-0 2-24 -20 229.8 209.7 -0.2
Averages (3 Games) -6.6 76.6 69.9 0.0
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