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MYHockey is Seeking Volunteers for 2021-22 Season

The 2021-22 hockey season is finally underway in some parts of North America. And once again, MYHockey is seeking volunteers to enter scores and keep the system as complete and accurate as humanly possible. Approximately 200 volunteers from last season have already renewed for the upcoming season, but with over 2,000 divisions and 255 different rankings, new volunteers are needed ensure the accuracy of MYHockey, youth hockey's information database. 

Volunteers do two main things. They enter scores (an average of 10-20 per week) and they keep an eye on their division and its teams. A division is one grouping of teams in a league, like the GTHL - West 08 AA division. Most divisions have between 6 and 16 teams. We ask volunteers to update their divisions with game scores for all the teams in their division each week. With non-league games being entered by other volunteers and with members entering a few scores, MYHockey needs people affiliated with a division to make sure errors don't arise, jeopardizing the accuracy of the system. Most volunteers spend less than 30 minutes per week with 15-20 minutes being average. 

Those interested in volunteering should go to the Report Scores page and click on the "Tell Me More About Becoming a MYHockey Volunteer" link or simply CLICK HERE

Additionally, MYHockey has made less team, club and league updates than normal this summer due to COVID-19. Hundreds of league divisions still need your help in confirming who will be participating this fall. Some leagues like the LCAHL in Michigan and the NIHL in Illinois won't finalize their divisions until for a month or two, while others are already published. Your help in making MYHockey as accurate as possible is always appreciated. Please use the purple plus graphic located just above the rankings/listing table to "Request New Team be Added". You can request an update to a team's information by clicking on the purple pencil graphic in that same general area of the team details page (upper right side of the main data area of the page). You can also let us know about any teams that won't be fielded this year by using the link found on the bottom of the team's details page. 

Thanks to all volunteers for your continued support!

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