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Welcome to MHR's Division Analysis Series!

Youth hockey fans, have you ever wondered...Which divisions are the most competitive top to bottom? What divisions do the best teams gravitate towards? Is a bigger division always better? Are local leagues more beneficial than showcase leagues?
Look no further! 
MYHockey Rankings is excited to release our new division analysis feature. The division analysis feature is another educational tool to help users sift through the madness. It is not meant to be an endorsement of any league or division. Our goal is simply to provide the hockey community with more data to help you all make the most informed decisions for your kid, team and/or club. 
The division analysis feature is available for all USA Boys and Girls Tier 1 and Tier 2 tournament bound ranking categories. Click the "Divisional Analysis" tab at the top ranking page to view the division by division breakdown. All columns are sortable. Average team rating is the default. The division analysis data is updated in real time and every week with each updated.
Please note, a division must have at least two tournament bound teams at an age level to qualify. Independent divisions are not eligible. See the key below for additional details. 
- Total = Total number of teams in the division
- NB = Number of national bound teams
- T25 = Number of teams ranked in the Top 25
- T50 = Number of teams ranked in the Top 50
- NB % = Percentage of teams in the division that are national bound
- T25 % = Percentage of teams ranked in the Top 25
- T50 % = Percentage of teams ranked in the Top 50
- High = Highest team rating
- Avg = Average team rating
- Low = Lowest team rating
- Diff = Difference between the highest team rating and lowest team rating
- AGD = Average goal differential for divisional matchups
 A full list of the division anlysis breakdowns can be found below. We hope you all enjoy the latest educational tool! Please email with any feedback or suggestions.
USA Boys Tier 1 & Tier 2:
USA Girls Tier 1 & Tier 2:
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