Ranking Updates

2022-23 Season Week #3 Rankings Released

Columbus Day weekend is a big youth hockey tournament weekend. Another 9,600 games were entered into MYHockey this week. A total of 6,306 teams have now reached the 5 game minimum and are being ranked, up 1,335 from last week. The database now contains almost 39,000 counting game scores. See the full list of new ranking categories that went live this week below:

What does all this new weekly data mean for your team?

USA youth teams in major birth year “All” ranking categories are the most impacted by the new data. A vast majority of teams in the system, outside of a select few at the top, moved down ranking spots this week.

We strongly encourage you to compare your team rating from week to week and compare your rating to others in your league from one week to the next. That will paint a much better picture of your team's performance than focusing on what is likely your team's downward movement in the rankings due to teams reaching the 5 game minimum and entering the rankings above you.

We also want to give a quick shout out to our 625+ division volunteers who are doing a great job helping us keep the data accurate and up to date. We greatly appreciate all your hard work! If your team's division does not have a volunteer, we could use your local expertise to help get your teams up to date in MYHockey. You can find a link on your favorite teams division information page or you can select the volunteer option on the Report Scores tab.

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