Reporting Game Scores

They are now three ways to update game scores in MYHockey. They are:

Volunteer. Approximately 1000 volunteers per season take on responsibility for entering game scores for all the teams in a division (i.e GTHL U13 AAA). These volunteers often spent about 10-20 minutes per week entering an approximately 10-20 games scores (i.e. two game scores each for ten different teams). MYHockey has an intuitive volunteer portal that enables volunteers to efficiently enter scores and manage their division(s). Click to tell me more about becoming a MYHockey volunteer.
Member. MYHockey offers a Premium Membership for our fans. Membership not only supports MYHockey, but it gives you access to over a dozen advanced features including the ability to enter game scores for your favorite team(s) without the obligation of becoming an official volunteer. Click to tell me more about the benefits of becoming a MYHockey Premium Member.
Guest. Guests can request that missing game scores be added to the system. This feature works well when your team belongs to a division that has a MYHockey volunteer who simply appears to have missed one or more game scores. Because all online entry scores must be approved by a volunteer, it does not work well for teams who do not play in a league or for teams who play in a division of a league that does not currently have a volunteer. Guest entered scores for teams identified as "independent" are not real likely to be approved and they may never appear on the site. This feature will be available after the fall/winter season has started.

Over the years, MYHockey has had to define what qualifies as a game. Check out the definition of a game.