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2020-21 USA Youth Rankings Released

We've released our 2020-21 Week #1 Rankings.  It includes USA boys Squirt Minor 2011 (9U) thru Midget Major 18U and Girls 12U thru 19U.  The remainder of the rankings (Junior, College, Canadian) remain a work in progress and will be released when enough teams have reached a five game minimum.  For some that may not be until after the first of the year, if at all, during this "interesting" season.  We have a five (5) game minimum requirement to be ranked, so most teams simply do not qualify as of today.  If your team has played five (5) games but is not ranked, we strongly encourage you to submit your game scores. We will be updating every Wednesday morning into April/May.  As additional rankings categories reach a level of maturity with enough teams having met the five game minimum, we will release new ranking categories in the coming weeks.

Please note that early season rankings are missing many teams that have not yet reached the five game minimum required to be ranked.  Additionally, with so few games played, the mathematics can be skewed significantly by one or two really good or really bad games. All but a very select few teams will drop in the rankings as each week over the next month we double the number of teams that qualify for the five game minimum. Do not be distracted by this, keep an eye on your team rating and its relative position compared to other teams in your league or area.

While over 400 volunteers have registered and are entering game scores, we need more to enter game scores. For those interesed in volunteering this season - Click Here! 

You might have noticed an update to how the rankings pages/categories appear.  We are excited to role out the first phase of our state rankings approach.  Over the coming weeks, you'll see additional enhancements that help you pinpoint your teams performance at a more local level and help you identify similar competition in your local, state or regional area. Our national rankings will remain, but we definitely want to make some of the information more personalized and local.  We hope you enjoy and don't hesitate to let us know what you think.

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