MYHockey Volunteer Information

The 2018-19 hockey season is getting under way. MYHockey currently has 20,993 teams broken up into 2186 divisions which are carved from more than 200 leagues and then recombined into 235 different rankings. With an expected 420,000 game scores that will be entered this year, volunteers are a critical piece of the puzzle.

MYHockey is seeking volunteers who will take ownership of a particular division of a league. On a weekly basis a volunteer will enter game scores (or verify that someone else has entered them properly) for ALL the teams in their division(s). Many of us do this research and find these scores on a weekly basis as part of our own personal curiousity and interest in hockey. If you are willing to commit 15-30 minutes of your time per week to input game scores for teams in a division, MYHockey would appreciate your assistance. You will receive access to a volunteer only portal that will allow you to quickly locate and enter scores for the teams in your division(s) should you register as a volunteer.

Click here to see screen shots of the MYHockey Volunteer Portal

Note that volunteers for independent and college teams only need to enter scores for their team.

For a number of reasons, it works best to have a single volunteer responsible for a division. Some divisions already have volunteers who have signed up. If you are not familiar with MYHockey league abbreviations, please review the list of leagues (and abbreviations) before making your selection below. If you are interested in more than one division, you must pick one to start with.

Click here to lookup your division and register to volunteer today.

If you are unable to make the commitment to be a MYHockey volunteer, consider becoming a member and entering scores only when you want. Click here to learn more about a MYHockey Membership.

Not your thing, consider reporting scores as an unregistered guest.