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First Rankings Release Pushed Back to October 7th

MYHockey Rankings (MHR) traditionally releases their first rankings update on the last Wednesday of September, which would fall on 9/30 this year. Unfortunately that will not be the case this season due to the limited amount of game results in the system as a result of COVID-19 disrupting the beginning of the 2020-21 season across the US and Canada. MHR is tentatively pushing back the first rankings release date to Wednesday, October 7th. The MHR team will re-examine the situation early next week to determine if we need to again push the release date back to October 14th.

Many of our users are numbers people so let us put things in perspective. MHR typically has 3-5k game results in the system at each boys age level (i.e Bantam) and 1-2k game results in the system at each girls age level (i.e Girls Bantam) when we release the first rankings. We currently have the following number of game results in the system:

Boys Squirt: 498
Boys Peewee: 1,146
Boys Bantam: 1,149
Boys Midget: 2,531

Girls Peewee: 36
Girls Bantam: 271
Girls Midget: 297

More game results are critical to the overall accuracy of the rankings as a whole. Please check your team's info page for missing game results. Missing game results can be reported one of three ways:

1. Guest - Any user can enter a game score into MYHockey as a guest. Please note, guest entered game scores must be approved by the division volunteer before going into the system which can cause a slight delay at times.

2. Volunteer - MYHockey relies on a network of 1,000+ volunteers with local knowledge of the teams/divisions to help us keep the site up to date and accurate. Volunteers usually spend 15-20 minutes per week entering, reviewing and approving game scores for ALL teams in their division, not just their own team.

3. Membership - MHR also offers team and association memberships. A MYHockey team membership enables the user access to the membership portal with numerous features such as the Association Rankings, immediate game score listing, ability to update website/team contact info, enter rosters, enter player stats, schedule games and much more. Members can attach three team profiles to their membership account. 

Please reach out to director@myhockeyrankings.com with any questions or issues. MHR looks forward to a successful 2020-21 season!

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