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2019-20 Week #2 Rankings Released

MYHockey Rankings is proud to release Week #2 of our 2019-20 season rankings. Week #2 of the rankings brings another level of data maturity as the number of reported game scores in the database grew by 8,500 to just under 27k total. The number of teams in most rankings has increased by over 50% as well. We now have over 645 volunteers contributing scores but they cover less than half of the 2200 league/division combinations in MYHockey. We still need your help! More information regarding division volunteers can be found here or on the "Report Scores" tab.

A quick update on the organization of teams and leagues in MYHockey. We aim to have all competitive (travel) leagues, divisions and teams updated to reflect the real organization of youth hockey teams across North America.  We have updated every team and division of almost 50 leagues, and volunteers have updated hundreds of league divisions, but dozens of leagues, hundreds of divisions and possibly a thousands teams remain inaccurate due to changes from one year to the next and our inability to make every change as quickly as it is known. But please, keep the updates coming!

Team, Association and/or Division changes and updates can be requested through the Change Request form using the "pencil" icon in the upper right hand corner of the info page.

More complex changes and updates can be sent to our admin team via the Contact Us form.


**Note: Unfortunately we lost team movement, up/down arrows and the number of newly ranked teams this week due to a glitch. Those features will be back next week. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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