The Rink Shrinks Episode 70: Mailbag

This week, The Shrinks are back for Episode 70 where they answer questions from concerned hockey dads.

BY and Motts begin the episode by catching up on Motts’ weekend at the NHL Network, share their thoughts on Bergeron's career, pick their bets on Tom Brady and Lebron in a hockey shootout, and much more!

Answering some mailbag questions, BY and Motts share their thoughts on when it is the right time to worry about a lack of drive in practice and games and what parents should do if a coach calls their kid a weak player.

The Shrinks address the controversial internet comment from a hockey dad, stating to pay a lot of money for his son to go to a hockey academy strictly for the memories. BY states “make sure you are going to get the highschool experience with it, don't be a hockey robot that burns out.”

To close out the mailbag, BY and Motts discuss players being called over to the bench during an injury and how the rules of hockey change in tournaments.

This weeks My Hockey Rankings Question of the Week: “As a coach, what are your thoughts on the 5,000 shot challenges for your team?”

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