Ranking Updates

2021-22 Week #3 Rankings Released

Week #3 brings another 8600 games scores posted to MYHockey and total of 5906 teams who have now reached the 5 game minimum and are being ranked, up 942 from last week. The database now contains over 32k game scores.

We have not turned any Canadian rankings live at this point. We are hoping one more week will position many to go live. There just isn't enough games and interplay for them to work at this point. Again, we apologize for holding off, but please keep these game scores coming in so we can turn many of these live next week.

A quick shout out to our 525+ volunteers who are doing a great job. If your team's division does not have a volunteer we could sure use your local expertise to help get your teams up to date in MYHockey. You can find a link on your favorite teams division information page or you can select the volunteer option on the Report Scores Page.

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