MYHockey - Membership Benefits

There are three (3) ways to report game scores in MYHockey!

Members. MYHockey offers both Individual and Association Memberships. While a membership allows you to support MYHockey and ensure its long-term success, it also enables you to access our membership portal with a number of advanced features available exclusively to members. With Individual Memberships starting at only $35 (USD) per season, review our list of membership features below.

Our Association Membership is the most cost-effective and efficient way to help your entire association stay updated! MYHockey will provide one individual membership per travel team in your association. Register once and we'll setup every team in your club!

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Volunteer. Volunteers are the heart and soul of MYHockey. Every year, 1000+ volunteers take on responsibility for entering game scores for all the teams in a division (i.e. GTHL 07 AAA). These volunteers often spent about 10-20 minutes per week entering approximately 20 games scores. Click to learn more about volunteering.

Guest. Anyone can request that missing game scores be added to MYHockey as a guest. However, all guest entered scores must be approved by a volunteer which will take time. Click to enter scores as a guest.

Feature Free
Public Site
Rankings - All 250+ different categories included included
Associations/Divisions/Leagues Lists included included
Youth Hockey News included included
Game Scores Entry
included included
View Full Association Rankings
not included included
Ability to Enter Team Website & Contact Info
not included included
Ability to Enter Team Social Media Accounts
not included included
Immediate Public Posting of Entered Scores
not included included
Ability to Enter Full Season Schedule
not included included
Ability to Enter Team Rosters
not included included
Ability to Enter Player Statistics
not included included
Weekly Ranking History of all Teams/Categories
not included included
Ability to Enter Team Trophy Info
not included included
Ability to Graph Team Ratings
not included included

Standard Memberships
1 Season Team Membership - $35