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MYHockey Rankings, Skilled Advantage Hockey Announce Partnership Focused on Player Development

MYHockey Rankings (MHR), the premier source for youth hockey rankings and information, and Skilled Advantage Hockey are excited to announce an interactive social-media partnership focused on skills training and player development. 

The interactive social media partnership will provide hockey players of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds with 25 “Drill of the Week” training exercises posted throughout the 2021-22 season. “Powered by Skilled Hockey Advantage,” Drill of the Week training exercises will showcase a wide variety of Skilled Advantage Hockey’s off-ice and on-ice drills and tips with the goal of fostering individual player and team-based skill development. 

The presentation will be broken down into monthly segments, with each monthly segment having a different focus. For example, all September “Drill of the Week” exercises will focus off-ice stickhandling. The monthly training segments will start off with easy exercises and progressively get more difficult, with each weekly exercise building off the previous week’s lesson.  

In addition, each weekly Drill of the Week will have a social-media contest component. Youth hockey players will be able to submit videos of themselves completing the drills for a chance to win Skilled Advantage Hockey prizes. More information on that can be found below:

How the Weekly Contests Will Work?

  • A new Drill of the Week powered by Skilled Advantage Hockey will be posted each Monday
  • Record a video of yourself completing that week’s highlighted drill
  • Upload video to Instagram and tag MHR (@myhockeyranking) and Kenny Brandt of Skilled Advantage Hockey (@kbdangles)
    • MUST tag both accounts on Instagram to be eligible to win!
  • A new winner will be chosen each Monday
  • Each weekly winner will receive a free month’s pass to Skilled Advantage Hockey’s training platform at www.skilledadvantagehockey.com

Ian Lodin, Director of Business Development for MYHockey Rankings, is excited to announce and move forward with a partnership that can benefit hockey players of all ages. 

 “Our social media only partnership with Kenny and Skilled Advantage Hockey is the first of its kind for MHR,” Lodin said. “The partnership offers a unique opportunity to promote player skills development, interact with the youth hockey community at the grassroots level and hopefully have some fun in the process. That made it a no-brainer.”

Kenny Brandt, founder of Skilled Advantage Hockey, is looking forward to showcasing his platform to the North American youth hockey community. 

“MYHockey Rankings is the number-one destination for teams, scores, rankings and all youth hockey-related information,” Brandt said. “This partnership allows me to reach youth hockey players and teams all over the U.S. and Canada. I'm excited to work with MHR to provide so many players and teams with an opportunity to enhance their skills.”

About Skilled Advantage Hockey

Founded by Kenny Brandt in 2013, Skilled Advantage Hockey was created to provide hockey players of all ages and playing levels the individual hockey skills needed to exceed at the highest levels of the game. Kenny has been fortunate enough to work with clients from all over the world, from mite players to NHL players. Skilled Advantage Hockey launched its “U-Train Sitckhandling Program” in the summer of 2020 to provide players with an affordable option to enhance their skills during the pandemic. The U-Train Stickhandling Program is a 24 hour on-demand platform with a database of more than 300 stickhandling drills and workouts categorized by drill type, skill level and progression level. 

Train anywhere, anytime with Skilled Advantage Hockey!


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