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Thank You for Another Great Season

As the 2017-18 comes to a close, we want to thank everyone who contributed to another great season, our 15th here at MYHockey Rankings.  Once again we set new records for the site.  Over 302k game scores were entered by volunteers and members this season.  Specifically, 1167 volunteers entered just over 277k game scores while our 1528 active members entered another 25k game scores.  

This year we tracked nearly 20,700 competitive/travel hockey teams from around North America.  Currently, 18,628 of them meet the 10 game minimum and appear in at least on of our 235 different ranking categories.  

The MYHockey Rinks database now contains 3869 active arenas.  We will continue to maintain this for accuracy going forward as we continue to build out our database of information for all things hockey.  You'll see more of that coming in the next few months...

And you continue to enjoy the content that we provide.  The number of pageviews this year topped 32M, a 15.3% increase over last season.  We also set site records for monthly unique visitors (275k), monthly visits (869k) and monthly pageviews (6.15M).

In summary, thank you for making the 2017-18 season our best ever.  Without your contributions and interest, this would not be possible.

We will be keeping MYHockey open for 2017-18 season updates until May 30th when the Junior season is completed, but we recognize that it's over for 99% of you. Enjoy the offseason and we'll see you back for the 2018-19 season starting August 1, 2018.


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