Ranking Updates

2016-17 Week #9 Rankings Released

MYHockey Week #9 rankings have been released.  

We have published a new Hockey Nerd column that goes into details the rankings math and touches on our most common ranking error, invalid game scores. With a big tournament weekend upon us, the topic of invalid game scores is pertinent. Tournaments are a great opportunity to play new and different teams, but they also require that you take the time to positively identify your opponents. Many clubs field 5-6 teams per age level and inputing a game scores against wrong team can adversely impact the accuracy of your team’s ranking and of the entire system. And even if you are not playing, it’s still possible that someone else will mistakenly think they played your team instead of their actual opponent. Keep an eye out for invalid scores and help us keep MYHockey as accurate as possible. Read it HERE.


This month for our Hockey Snapshot, we spoke with the director of USA Women’s Hockey Reagan Carey about her experience in different markets and overcoming adversity.  Read it HERE.

Best of luck to everyone traveling and playing this weekend!



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