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March Mayhem is Upon Us & MHR is Here for It Photo

By Scott Lowe -

It’s that time of year again.

It’s the time when athletes lay it all on the line for their teams, schools and teammates; a time when a player or team’s one-shining moment can leave an impression that transcends generations of fans; a time that is characterized by shocking upsets, fantastic finishes and heroic individual performances; a time of intense passion, unfathomable sacrifice and intense drama; and a time for playing through injuries and competing in epic battles that last into the wee hours of the next day.

Quite simply, it’s one of the best times of the year – and not just for basketball fans. 

No, this isn’t about Championship Week or March Madness, two iconic phrases that characterize college basketball’s postseason. It’s about North American amateur hockey’s month of mayhem.

It’s about March Mayhem, a time in which youth, junior and college hockey players all over North America lay it all on the line for a trophy, a medal or even just for bragging rights.

No shot will go unblocked. No turnover will go unnoticed. No save will go unappreciated. And no fan will wake up with a voice.

Every pass, every shot, every save and every goal is magnified during March, and when you combine that pressure with the speed, physicality and intensity that are staples of the world’s fastest sport, you get mayhem.

March Mayhem. And we’re here for it.

All of it. 

Some of the mayhem actually takes place as part of a February Frenzy that provides a nice preview of what we can expect during March, but the vast majority takes place in March and extends into April.

What happens in March impacts so many hockey players, fans and families around North America as teams at all levels fight to extend their seasons as long as possible in hopes of achieving the ultimate team goal

One series, one game and one period at a time.

Once March has marched on and April descends upon is with its non-hockey spring weather and national-championship tournaments, only the elite of the elite are still playing. 

But March is different. March is for all of us.

Coaches don’t sleep much. Players leave it all on the ice. Fans make all the noise their throats and lungs can muster and family members are along for every second of the roller-coaster ride. 

If you think March Mayhem only takes a toll on players and coaches, think again. 

Family members hope and pray and white-knuckle their way through it all, living and dying with every shot, save, goal, turnover, body check and penalty. They provide the emotional support – the hugs, high fives, smiles, tears and words of encouragement, win or lose – that only someone who has spent 1,000 or more hours watching hockey games in bone-chilling barns that masquerade as ice rinks can summon.

With all due respect to the Stanley Cup playoffs that are played in warmer climes and almost extend into the summer, THIS is the most wonderful time of the year for hockey fans and families. THIS is total mayhem at all levels of the sport, while that is just amazing, intense hockey played in golfing and yacht weather. 

It is our plan in the week’s ahead to bring you all the coverage that a small staff can of the following March Mayhem hockey happenings:

  • NCAA Division III Women’s Championship
  • NCAA Division III Men’s Championship
  • NCAA Division I Women’s conference and national tournaments
  • NCAA Division I Men’s conference and national tournaments
  • S. and Canada youth league playoffs
  • North American youth state, district, provincial and regional tournaments

That coverage is in addition to our other regular features such as Play of the Week, Peak Performer, Pulse of the PWHL, etc. 

With some of the United States Tier 1 and 2 district and state tournaments already having gotten underway or even been completed, we will be playing a little bit of catch-up with those events and rolling them into our comprehensive March Mayhem coverage.

In the meantime, get ready to sit back and enjoy the best time of the year with us at MYHockey Rankings. Our March Mayhem coverage begins this week with the NCAA Division III men’s and women’s championships.

Stay tuned!

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