2024-25 season team ratings and rankings will be released starting on Wednesday, September 25, 2024. Prior to the rankings being released, you can find pre-season team listings and previous season rankings below.

Boys HS State Ranking Categories:
USA High School Hockey Rankings (Composite)
Alaska HS (All)
    - AK D1
    - AK D2
Arizona HS (All)
    - AZ D1
    - AZ D2
    - AZ D3
California HS (All)
    - CA D1
    - CA D2
    - CA D3
Colorado HS
Connecticut HS (All)
    - CT Div 1
    - CT Div 2
    - CT Div 3
Delaware HS
Florida HS
Georgia HS
Idaho HS
Illinois HS
Indiana HS
Iowa HS
Kansas HS
Kentucky HS
Maine HS (All)
    - ME Class A
    - ME Class B
Maryland HS
Massachusetts HS (All)
    - MA Div 1
    - MA Div 2
    - MA Div 3
    - MA Div 4
Michigan HS (All)
    - MI D1
    - MI D2
    - MI D3
Minnesota HS (All)
    - MN Class AA
    - MN Class A
Missouri HS
Montana HS
Nebraska HS
New Hampshire HS (All)
    - NH Division I
    - NH Division II
    - NH Division III
New Jersey HS (All)
    - NJ Public A
    - NJ Public B
    - NJ Public C
    - NJ Private
    - NJ South Club
New Mexico HS
New York HS (All)
    - NY Division 1
    - NY Division 2
    - NY Private Schools
    - NY AAU Club
    - NY USA Hockey Club
North Dakota HS
Ohio HS (All)
    - OH OHSAA
    - OH USA Hockey
Pennsylvania HS (All)
    - PA Eastern AAA
    - PA Eastern AA
    - PA Eastern A
    - PA Western AAA
    - PA Western AA
    - PA Western A
    - PA Western B
Rhode Island HS
South Carolina HS
South Dakota HS
Tennessee HS
Texas HS
Utah HS
    - UT D1
    - UT D2
Vermont HS
Virginia HS
West Virginia HS
Wisconsin HS
    - WI D1
    - WI D2
Wyoming HS

Manitoba HS
Ontario HS
Quebec HS
Boys Prep Rankings:
New England Prep
USA Indep Prep
Canada Indep Prep

Girls HS State Ranking Categories:
Minn-Kota Team Listings Midwest Team Listings Northeast Team Listings
Minnesota Girls HS (All)
    - MN Class AA
    - MN Class A
North Dakota Girls HS
South Dakota Girls HS
Michigan Girls HS
Illinois Girls HS
Wisconsin Girls HS
Massachusetts Girls HS (All)
    - MA Div 1
    - MA Div 2
Connecticut Girls HS
New Hampshire Girls HS
New York Girls HS
Rhode Island Girls HS
Vermont Girls HS
Girls Prep Rankings:
New England Girls Prep USA Indep Girls Prep Canada Girls Prep

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