Ranking Updates

2021-22 Week #16 Rankings Released

We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend! MYHockey Week #16 rankings have been released. Volunteers and members added over 11,000 game scores to MYHockey over the past week. Close to 300 new teams have now met the 5 game minimum so that 16,500 teams are now ranked in one of our 252 rankings.  We passed the 175k game score threshold last week so a special thanks to our volunteers and members who make this possible.

One thing about holiday weekends, there are typically a bunch of tournaments with teams playing opponents that they are unfamiliar with.  While this does great things to improve the overall accuracy of MYHockey when these games are entered correctly, we encourage everyone to be on the lookout for incorrectly entered games. If you notice an error, please submit a game correction request by clicking on the red check mark in the "Fix" column located just to the right of all game scores.

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