Ranking Updates

2021-22 Week #12 Rankings Released

MYHockey Week #12 Rankings are now available. This past week volunteers and members added over 12,500 game scores to MYHockey resulting in 14,297 ranked teams, an increase of 404 over last week. Now to the interesting rankings material you all care about!

With a large amount of new teams qualifying for the rankings, comes the release of numerous (mainly High School) ranking categories. We will continue to release new rankings over the next few weeks. Below is a list of newly released rankings for this week:

  • Michigan HS
  • Minnesota HS
  • Pennsylvania HS
  • North Dakota HS
  • Utah HS
  • Wisconsin HS

An algorithm, and in return our rankings, are only as good as the data entered into the system. That is especially true this early in the season. A game score incorrectly assigned to the programs "AAA" team instead of the "AA" team or "18U" team instead "16U" team can have a negative impact on the rankings. As always, remember to keep an eye out for inaccurate or erroneous game scores. Please notify us of any errors via our Contact Us page or using the red checkmark in the "Fix" column next to the game score to ensure MYHockey is as up to date and accurate as possible.

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