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MYHockey Enhancements

The team here at MYHockey is hard at work on a number of system upgrades and we thought we'd share what's you'll be seeing in the coming weeks and months.

Player roster and player statistics enhancement.  First out of the gate will be an enhancement to the player roster and statistics on the team information page.  Today we have a rudamentary roster listing.  Going forward, when teams enter a roster, we'll display roster tab where you see the scores tab and rating math tab today.  If someone from your team is entering player statistics, you will also see a player stats tab next to the roster tab.  Information for these two tabs will primarily be entered by MYHockey members through our member's portal.

The Directory.  We are extremely excited about our project to build a directory of hockey service providers.  From camps, to on-ice lessons, to off-ice training, MYHockey will be building a directory of hockey service providers who can help players grow their game. In the same way that MYHockey created a database of all competitive hockey teams in North America, we are looking to build a database of all individuals and companies who help develop the players on those teams.

Association Rankings.  We have long tossed around the idea of association rankings and will release our first set of rankings in 2018.  The topic comes up regularly in our planning discussions and we've committed to an objective approach to looking at the clubs who make up the sport of youth hockey.

While we are extremely proud of what we have built over the past 15 seasons, MYHockey isn't content.  We will continue to build out our data and information hub.  Keep your eyes peeled for the release of these enhancements (and more to come) over the next couple months.

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