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Announcing the MHR Play & Save of the Year Contests

For the first time during the 2022-23 MYHockey Rankings season, our Play of the Week feature generated enough submissions and entries for us to name a MHR Play of the Week for pretty much every week of the regular season and even into the postseason. Thanks to everyone who submitted videos and voted to help us select the winners.

To celebrate (and in full transparency, to help us all pass the time during the offseason), we are going to hold Play of the Year and Save of the Year contests, starting in early June. There will be two separate contests – one for the top play and one for the top save – with up to a 32-play bracket for each category and voting nearly every day, Monday through Friday, from the day the contest starts until we have our two winners.

This contest will be very similar to two other popular contests we have run during hockey’s downtime. Our club logo contest kept hockey fans and families engaged when the sport was shut down during the pandemic, and last summer we ran a very popular jersey contest.

This season we had approximately 25 weekly MHR Play of the Week winners. We also had one or two spectacular goalie saves nominated each week. Most, if not all, of those winners and goalie nominees will be included in the contests, but we also will be looking for some wildcard entries that might not have been submitted for whatever reason or might have taken place after our weekly contests had concluded.

So, if you have a video clip of a play that was NOT PREVIOUSLY SUBMITTED and features a player or players who have NOT PREVIOUSLY BEEN WINNERS, please send the clip VIA EMAIL ONLY to


Here are the contest requirements:

  • Any play made by an amateur player at any level from mites to juniors is eligible.
  • Goals, assists, great passes, crazy plays, buzzer-beaters, amazing saves, etc. will all be considered. We will NOT include big hits.
  • Video clips should only be EMAILED TO SCOTT@MYHOCKEYRANKINGS.COM. No social media DMs will be considered.
  • Please just send the raw video clip with the best angle you can find. PLEASE DO NOT include music, slow-motion or any other special effects.
  • Include the player or players’ name or names, the team name and age group in your email.
  • Crowd noise or play-by-play announcing on the clip is allowed and encouraged.

Unfortunately, because of the volume of entries we are likely to receive, submissions that do not follow the requirements cannot be considered as we will not have time to hunt people down and get exactly what we need. If you simply email the clips and follow the instructions, your entry will be considered as a wildcard addition to the contests.

The contest is expected to begin on or around June 1. We will announce an exact start date via social media.

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