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2022-23 Week #29 Rankings Released

MHR Week #29 Rankings are now available. Volunteers, members and GameSheet’s API added over 4,000 new game results. MHR now has over 382,000 counting game scores in the system. We now have 20,607 teams that have met the 10 game minimum to be ranked, an increase of 165 teams from last week. 



Congrats to the dozen of Ontario Women's Provincial Champions from this past weekend.  We were able to enter all the games from this past weekend.  We will also be updating this weekend’s boys U13, U15 and U18 AA and A Ontario Provincial Championships this weekend.  

Please note that the completion of USA Hockey Nationals basically concludes the fall/winter season for USA youth and girls hockey.  We will not be accepting any spring/summer games, but do encourage you to submit any missing fall/winter games as we keep the 2022-23 season open for another month.  There is still time to make sure we’ve got your team’s season recorded accurately.

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