Around the Rink

Submission Guidelines

In response to interest from you, MYHockey is now publishing articles written by you! In a new section we call Around the Rink, we are looking for articles that promote the game of hockey in a positive manner. If you've got a story that you think needs to be heard and have the interest and ability to put it on paper, we might be interested. Generally speaking, we are seeking articles about the game itself, its players, its personalities, or new innovations and techniques. We are not interested in articles that are written about specific team's accomplishments, instead, we are looking for something of interest to everyone. Our missions is to spread the love of the game to our each of our visitors.


  • Submission - Articles must be submitted to in order to be considered.
  • Copyright - Articles must not contain copyrighted material. If applicable, any sources must be documented.
  • Credit - Articles will identify the name and hometown of its author.
  • Length - Articles should be limited to 500 words.
  • Content - Article must be submitted in completed form. MYHockey will not assist in writing or editing the article.
  • Compensation - MYHockey will not pay for any articles.
  • Process - MYHockey will review submitted articles and provide feedback to the submitter. It will likely take 1-2 weeks from submission to publication. See process below.
  • Acceptance - MYHockey reserves the right to refuse to publish any submission, or remove any published content, for any reason.


  1. [OPTIONAL] In the event that you are unsure if MYHockey would be interested in publishing your article, you may submit your article topic or outline to MYHockey for us to review and provide feedback.
  2. Article is written by author.
  3. Completed article is submitted by author to MYHockey through email.
  4. MYHockey reviews submitted article and provides feedback to author with decision to a) publish as is; b) interested in publishing with some edits; c) reject article.
  5. [OPTIONAL] Author edits article and it is resubmitted to MYHockey through email.
  6. MYHockey prepares article for publication.
  7. MYHockey publishes article. Article appears on MYHockey home page under "Recent Updates" section and on the Around the Rink page.