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Nov 2nd Outage Update

November 2, 2016

The MYHockey Rankings website has been restored and we have updated the rankings for November 2, 2016.

We apologize for the inconvenience of our outage today. MYHockey has been experiencing some web server performance issues for the past couple months. Our web hosting company has most often responded with bewilderment as to why we have had these issues, but after acknowledging that they caused a 14 hour outage, they have no understanding why our website was unable to resume operation this afternoon. During the outage we were rebuilding our website with another company as a backup option. With their latest inability and unwillingness to help, we have been forced to switch web hosting companies. While we currently appear to be operating fine, we are the target of regular Russian denial of service attacks (like those experience by Netflix and others a couple weeks ago) and it's possible that these attacks could be the root of the problem and will cripple us once again. We are working on a more robust and expensive long term solution.

It is possible that some data on the site has been lost. If you see something specific, feel free to email us, we might be able to recover it. But at this point in time we believe that we have migrated all data with virtually no loss. Again, we appreciate your patience with the situation.

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