Game Rules:

  • Rosters - Must contain USA/Canadian rostered fall/winter teams. While roster changes specifically for a tournament are highly discouraged, MYHockey cannot monitor this activity. In cases where teams are clearly altering their level of play by adding players (three (3) or more players added for an event), games may not be added or may be applied to a separate "Tournament Team".
  • Referees - The game is referreed by non-team affiliated people who are certified to referee hockey games.
  • Game Play - No coaches on the ice, no extra timeouts for teaching, no pre-planned powerplay, penalty kill, 4v4, etc. In general, it must look like a real game to any casual observer.
  • Time - Games must have at least 30 minutes of stop time or 40 minutes of running time. All minutes played are counted. Games where stop time is used for 50% or more for game time are classified as stop time all minutes count. Games where less than 50% of the clock time was governed by stop time are considered running time games. Curfewed games are OK if the time minimums are met. All tournament games, even some midget games that are as short as 30 minutes, are valid. Any game terminated early based upon tournament rules (i.e. 6 goal rule) that dictate a game end early when the score reaches a certain point, is acceptable.
  • Forfeits - Forfeited games do not reflect the ability of the teams on the ice and are thus should not be entered unless they are noted to be forfeits.
  • Teams - Both teams must be in the system for a game to be entered. MYHockey will add any clearly identified travel team to the system. MYHockey will even add non-travel teams for members.
  • Age Level - Only games played against opponents of the same age level are typically entered. A minor peewee team can play a major peewee team, but a major peewee team playing a minor bantam team will not typically have the game score recorded in MYHockey. There are some exceptions to this policy based upon league play and requests by paying members of MYHockey. Any games played by girls versus boys or teams of different age levels (i.e. peewee vs. bantam) where the scores are entered into MYHockey will not (and cannot) factor into the rankings calculation. Members can enter or request scores by teams of different age levels.
  • Level of Play - MYHockey covers all youth travel hockey teams and leagues. We do not cover house or recreation level hockey. Canadian house select teams are not covered.
  • Exhibition Games - While some games may not qualify based upon the rules above, the goal of MYHockey is to include every game played by every team. MYHockey is not a league ranking system that only includes your league games. MYHockey requests/requires that all qualifying games be entered. At some levels of hockey (High School & Juniors in specific), there is a desire by some to make MYHockey a league ranking system because some teams play only opponents within their league and by including only league games it "levels" the rankings. This is not appropriate. MYHockey would not work if this was practice was followed across the board. ALL qualifying games should be included and used to rank teams. If leagues want MYHockey to develop rankings involving only league games, we can do that through special request. Please contact us.
  • Season Dates - MYHockey uses the following season start rules:
    1. No game played by a Canadian, Michigan, or USA Central District (IA, IL, KS, MO, NE, WI) team prior to Sept 1st shall be entered into MYHockey.
    2. No game played by any other USA team played prior to August 15th shall be entered into MYHockey.
    3. No non-league game played by an Ontario Midget AAA team prior to Sept 15th shall be entered into MYHockey.
    4. Games played by teams with significantly different (possibly summer) rosters, rosters that include at least three (3) uniquely rostered players that are not normally rostered by that team after Sept 1st, shall be considered "Tournament Teams" and will be applied to a different, but similarly named team.
    5. Games played by "tryout" teams after the official start of the season count and should be recorded.
    6. The coaches of two opposing teams can agree, prior to the playing of a game, to play a game in such a way that they are not trying to win, but to use the game as an instructional activity. In this event, MYHockey will remove any instructional game from the system with verification from both of the coaches.
    7. There are some additonal regional calendar issues, especially at the High School level where they are "Federation" leagues that have hard rules on the start and completion of the season that will be honored.
    8. The season ends either on March 31st or when post-season play ends for a given team. USA Hockey Nationals often goes into the first week of April and many Canadian post-season tournaments drag out as late as May. No spring/summer games shall be entered into MYHockey.
  • Tournament/Jamboree Games - Generally speaking, all fall/winter sanctioned tournament games are eligible for MYHockey, regardless of other possible minor violations of rules. Jamboree games typically are not eligible because of their length. Feel free to email us if there are any questions.
  • Unique Teams - It has become almost common practice in some parts for teams to use an alternative name while playing in some tournaments or leagues. While there are various reasons why this is done, MYHockey will not support the practice. For two teams to be considered unique and truly deserving of two different names, they both must contain at least three (3) uniquely rostered players.
  • Bottom Line - It must be played like a real game. Any disagreements on this issue are left to the discretion of MYHockey.

Other Site Rules can be found in the Site Rules Section of the FAQ.