MYHockey Additional Sponsorship Information

How often will my ad be displayed?
MYHockey will sell no more than three (3) platinum level sponsorships, six (6) gold level sponsorships and twelve (12) silver level sponsorships. This means that your advertisement will be be displayed on once (or twice) in every visitors six page visit. If less sponsorships are sold at any one time, your advertisement may display more frequently. MYHockey web statistics show that the average MYHockey visitor visits 5-7 pages per visit, making the odds significant that most MYHockey visitors will see your advertisement on each visit.
What are the technical specifications of the advertisements?
The size of a MYHockey Platinum level ad is 336x120 pixels. Gold level ads are 468x120 pixels. Silver level ads are 160x120 pixels. Email ads are 160x600 pixels. Mobile ads span the width of the screen with Apple iOS ads 320x50 pixels and Android ads 468x60 pixels. Ads must be png, gif or jpeg format. Animated gifs are allowed, but MYHockey reserves the right to restrict overly flashy (obnoxious) advertisements from the site. All advertisement graphics must be under 100Kb in size.
If I do not have an existing ad, will MYHockey help create one?
Your initial purchase of a sponsorship does include services to create an initial graphic advertisement. Advertisers are encouraged to have their own media or advertising departments/agencies provide graphics. This will not only expedite the process, but ensure that corporate trademarks are used appropriately and that your advertisement properly expresses your company's appropriate message.
Can I change my advertisement during my sponsorship period?
Ad graphics can be changed at any time. In general, MYHockey will work with advertisers to make sure their advertising dollars are spent wisely and effectively. All reasonable requests for improvements will be honored. MYHockey reserves the right to charge a small fee if the requested services will take a significant amount of time to make.
How many pages/advertisements does MYHockey serve per month?
MYHockey traffic is somewhat seasonal. Based on years of Google Analytics web statistics, MYHockey will see about 30 million pageviews during the 2015-16 season with the highest volume months seeing 5.0M pageviews from as many as 300K unique visitors.
How do I pay for my sponsorship?
MYHockey uses PayPal services. We typically cut invoices out of PayPal. Sponsors can pay either with their PayPal account or by credit card. All transactions are secured by the same technology that has enabled EBay for over a decade. Advertisers can pay by check or money order if necessary. All funds are USD. PayPal takes care of any Canadian dollar to USD conversions.
How do I start advertising on MYHockey today?
Send MYHockey an email at and we will get started ASAP.