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MYHockey Updating All Guest Entered Scores Every Week
Posted: 2016-03-02 05:15:00 ET

The hockey season has reached March. A fair number of teams have already called it a season and most who haven't yet done so will be reaching that point in the next few weeks. What this means traditionally in the MYHockey world is that we start losing our volunteers... Often, when a volunteer's team is eliminated from play-downs, they stop updating scores. While we don't necessarily like this, it's been a reality for the past decade. Effective March 1st, MYHockey will approve (or reject) all guest entered scores each week, typically on Tuesdays.

While taking this action will greatly improve our ability to keep scores accurate and up-to-date, it is not without a few pitfalls. Please note that MYHockey cannot know the exact score and teams involved in every game. We will invariably approve some invalid games and reject some valid ones. We won't have time to research each score, we will be giving it our best shot while encouraging everyone to get in all their missing game scores. Where volunteers are still active, we will have them review the scores. But where volunteers are no longer active, we will be taking action on these games. As a result, we strongly encourage you to check out the scores on Wednesday morning to make sure we haven't accidentally approved a game that was erroneously attributed to your team.

With this announcement MYHockey is strongly encouraging you to request any and all applicable missing game scores through the guest option (Click here to enter score now). There can be some subtle nuances that make it difficult to find teams in the MYHockey database. As a result, please note that the option called "All Teams in the System" will literally list the thousands of teams in MYHockey at whatever age level you select. This can create some confusion with all those teams, but it will list virtually all travel hockey teams in North America.

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