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2015-16 Week #18 Rankings Released
Posted: 2016-01-27 04:00:00 ET

MYHockey has just released our Week #18 rankings. As we hit the end of January, we have clearly reached the second half of the season. Over the past few seasons we have implemented a 10 game minimum during the first ranking in February. Consider this my one week notice to all teams with 5-9 games in MYHockey. You will disappear from the rankings next week if you are unable to up your game total to 10 or more.

It's unfortunate, but every year after the holidays MYHockey always loses some volunteers. Sometimes we are aware and quickly update the website indicating that a division of a league that previously had a volunteer is now "available". In other cases, we need you to tell us that we have an AWOL volunteer that either needs to be gotten back on track or dismissed. Please don't hesitate to use the Contact page in the footer of the website to let us know if we have a volunteer for your division that isn't keeping things up to date.

As we hit playdowns or playoff time, we wish everyone the best of luck. Stay focused, play hard and show respect for the game, you teammates and your coaches.

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