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2015-16 Week #17 Rankings Released
Posted: 2016-01-20 05:10:00 ET

After a busy holiday weekend, MYHockey releases updated rankings for Week #17. This is a repeat, but I want to ask everyone to carefully check their scores this week because after a busy tournament weekend it's not uncommon for scores to be applied to the wrong team. It's been a busier than normal start to the week and I suspect that we'll see a few hundred more game score corrections before the weekend. Please use the red check mark in the "Fix" column beside any incorrect score to access the game correction form.

Speaking of tournaments, MYHockey often does not get the full list of game scores from every event. If you attended an tournament you probably want to see your team's scores entered. Please use the link to the guest entry form found on the Report Scores page to get those entered. That form for missing scores is not just for "your" team. You can use that to request missing scores for any team. If other teams from a tournament don't have their scores entered, please request them. If other teams in your league are missing tournament or non-league games, request them. Please use the form for any team/games that you see are missing. The more scores, the more accurate the rankings. Thanks for the help!

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