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2015-16 Week #12 Rankings Released
Posted: 2015-12-16 04:30:00 ET

MYHockey Week #11 rankings are now available. In addition to adding another 13k games to our database this week, about 150 games were removed. The removed games all violated the MYHockey game policy regarding to the start of the season. Earlier this fall, after extensive input, MYHockey made a small change to it's early season game policy. The policy clarified the start of the season. In Canada and the Michigan and Central Districts of the US, the start of the season was established as Sept 1st. In the rest of the US, the start of the season is now August 15th. If a game is played between teams teams from different policy districts, then the game should not be recorded in MYHockey and should not count. While this policy was finalized in October, MYHockey had not previously taken steps to delete all games that violate this policy. Those games were removed over the past 24 hours. Please do not request that they be re-added to MYHockey.

For more information on MYHockey Policies, please review our FAQ and/or our Game Rules Page.

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