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2015-16 Week #10 Rankings Released
Posted: 2015-12-02 04:00:00 ET

MYHockey Week #10 rankings have been posted. A big weekend of tournaments with almost 12k game scores entered this past week. A point of emphasis last week, and one we will emphasize again, is mis-identified opponents. We have already updated about 400 games since the weekend with most involving the wrong opponent. In many cases the correct club is located, but the wrong team. I can't encourage you enough to do the research into your opponent, starting with their association website, to make sure the correct team from the club has been identified. If you team has moved in a direction that you didn't expect this past weekend, please take a look at your scores and each opponent.

As winter weather spreads east from the upper midwest, we hope everyone has a safe week of travel.

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