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2015-16 Week #4 Rankings Released
Posted: 2015-10-21 04:30:00 ET

Week #4 saw the addition of 9000 new game scores and about 500 new teams have been added to the rankings. Most of the main rankings are maturing nicely as the number of games grows and teams are now being ranked on 10-20 games instead of 5-10 where one bad game or erroneously entered score can have a much larger impact.

We probably say it too often, but volunteers are the lifeblood of MYHockey. They not only enter scores, but are often a huge asset in keeping data for a group of teams accurate. There are so many confusing situations that without the commitment of local, knowledgeable volunteers, MYHockey would not exist. Who are these volunteers? They are just about anyone who takes an interest enough to signup and is willing not only help out, but often spend time learning and researching local teams. Sometimes they are league officials or coaches or managers, but just as often, they are parents who want to find a way to help and have a real interest in how teams in their league and area are doing. If game scores for your team are up to date, thank a volunteer. If not, consider volunteering. To know whether or not a volunteer is needed for your team, go to your team's information (details) page and then click on your team's League/Division(s) where it will list all the teams in that division and provide a volunteer status of "Taken" or "Available". When available, there is a link that you can use to register. It's clearly not for everyone, but we encourage you to consider it. More details on what a volunteer does can be found HERE.

Enjoy this weeks update!

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