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2015-16 Week #2 Rankings Released
Posted: 2015-10-07 04:15:00 ET

Week #2 of the rankings brings with it another level of data maturity in the rankings as the number of reported game scores in the database grew by almost 40%. The number of teams that now qualify for the USA Tier 2 rankings has doubled in many cases. We now have over 650 volunteer who have entered 25k games this season, but as you will notice if you spend much time on the site, we still need more as volunteers cover less than half of the 1700 league/divisions in MYHockey.

A quick update on the organization of teams and leagues in MYHockey. We aim to have all leagues, divisions and teams updated to reflect the real organization of youth hockey teams across North America. We have updated every team and division of almost 50 leagues, and volunteers have updated hundreds of league divisions, but dozens of leagues, hundreds of divisions and possibly a thousands teams remain inaccurate due to changes from one year to the next and our inability to make every change as quickly as it is known. But please, keep the change requests coming.

For years there has been confusion and disagreements regarding the exact date when the hockey season starts. MYHockey has been surveying hundreds of people across youth hockey to improve our current policy regarding early season games. We will release a new proposed policy this week and want to thank everyone who has provided input during this review. Stay tuned...

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